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Sharing is a universal principle that speaks to our sense of community and the spirit of collectivism in experiencing life together. As adults we are encouraged to share with those less fortunate than ourselves, things like food parcels, clothes or even cash donations.

The list is endless when it comes to what we can share with those who we live with. For example, we can share our time by babysitting a neighbour's child while the young mother takes a much-needed break or we can share our skills by teaching children at our local school over weekends.

Sharing is a caring act, and is entrenched in our South African culture of ubuntu: "I am because we are." Covid-19 has brought a huge strain to most people's finances, however over many generations South Africans have found ways to share and make life a little easier for each other, this culture runs deeper than simply borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbour. We have found ways to share burdens and even create disposable income for ourselves, some of these ways are

  • Stokvel, a stokvel is a group of people with shared financial goals. Saving together for year-end groceries, unforeseen circumstances and now there are even housing stokvels where people help each other to buy and own properties.

  • Funeral Cover, this goes a long way, funeral cover can help keep many families out of debt. In many cases the main member of the family will cover extended family such as cousins, aunts and uncles, this is sharing. For a small monthly premium, the main member makes sure that when the need arises, they will be able to assist less fortunate family members.

  • Sending cash home, many people have left small towns and rural areas for the big metros to find opportunities that will allow them to send money back home. In doing so, it is important to balance your finances carefully. Having enough to save and invest, enough for day-to-day life and enough to make sure the needs back home are met. Sharing is indeed caring for the ones we've left behind.

We would like to encourage you to share responsibly where you can, without forgetting yourself by saving as well. Love yourself and take care of yourself first then others, that's the greatest reward for yourself.

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