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Science tells us COVID-19 won't be the last virus to strike

While we can't prevent dread disease, we can cover you for it.

We all started talking about ‘the coronavirus’ before we knew its real name and called it COVID-19. If only there was just one coronavirus. However, COVID-19 is neither the first nor the last virus that will impact our world. We’ve learned that COVID-19 is one of many coronaviruses. It’s what they call a Zootropic disease because it’s a virus that transfers from animals to humans. Previously, the world saw two factory-farming related pandemics: Swine flu (or HINI) in 2008 and mad cow disease in the1990s, for example. The International Livestock Research Institute has found that over two million people a year are killed by diseases that spread to humans from wild and domestic animals. New disease risks and climate change are also closely linked. In 2016, scientists traced an outbreak of anthrax in Siberia to melting permafrost. Melting permafrost has been reawakening dormant and ancient bacteria and viruses.

We simply never know when any of us could be diagnosed with a dread disease. If you’re concerned about how you’ll protect yourself and your family against the costs associated with a dread disease or a trauma-related event, consider getting Living Lifestyle cover.

Rather than invoke fear of dread diseases, with a lucid awareness of these facts, we can optimally boost our financial preparedness by having the right cover in place so that we’re better prepared than any of us might have found we were when COVID-19 struck this year.

Contact your financial adviser to help you to find the best way to protect your income today and in the future.



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