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How will you spend your holidays this year?

It's been an interesting year to say the least, and with lockdown looking like something in the past, many of us are no doubt looking forward to a well-deserved year-end break.

While some will be staying put at home, others may be looking into venturing around their local areas to find an enjoyable getaway not too far from home. It would appear the coastal areas remain a popular destination choice for others.

Local air travel has opened for business, but some may opt to do the distance by car, in which case, please remember to check-in on your short and long-term insurance cover before then for your peace of mind. Make sure your policies are up-to-date and set up for what you expect them to do in case of unforeseen circumstances. This is what we at Liberty are here for.

You should know there's news of more than one COVID-19 vaccine in development from a number of pharma companies. It would appear this potential protective treatment will likely be available possibly early next year if all goes according to plan. One of the more prominent vaccine candidates will be manufactured locally according to reports, which possibly means South African's will have reasonably rapid access to the medication. But when this vaccine will be cleared for mass distribution remains unclear at this point. Local production facilities have reported that they have the capability to produce about 25 million doses a month.

How the vaccine will be distributed initially remains to be established, it's worth mentioning that in some countries medical staff have been earmarked for early access.

But for now, spending time with friends and family is on many people's minds as the holidays draw nearer. Do remember that COVID is still a reality for now and taking basic precautions should not be ignored.

Let's all look forward to enjoying our holidays, and get ready for a much better 2021. Stay safe and stay insured.



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