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An EduCator claim story

The delay of a month could have changed everything.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, a father of two finally got over his procrastination and decided to follow his Financial Adviser’s advice to ensure that his financial affairs were in order should the unforeseen happen to him.

Mr. Sipho Zulu’s(1) main need was ensuring that his two children, Siya(1) and Thabo(1), would have their educational needs covered. Education had meant a lot to him growing up and he wanted to ensure that his two children always had access to the very best education that he could provide. On 18 August 2020, his Financial Adviser presented a Lifestyle Protector quote including the EduCator benefit for Independent schooling. The policy application was accepted by Liberty on 17 September 2020, after which the first debit order of R1 182.07 went off the client’s account. The policy was to commence on 1 October 2020.

Sadly, only a full week later, Mr. Zulu was fatally shot during an armed robbery. Upon hearing the news, the Financial Adviser contacted the family to express his condolences and provide assistance with submitting a claim. After completion of the assessment, the claim was deemed valid, resulting in the Life Cover lump sum being paid out and the EduCator claim being approved. This meant that almost immediately, Siya and Thabo’s school fees for the remaining months of 2020 were paid directly to their school. Mr. Zulu’s decision to take out a Lifestyle Protector policy with the EduCator benefit will ensure that his children will continue to have their school fees paid to the end of their education - as their father had planned.

Furthermore, a third child, Lerato(1), who was born two days after the policy was submitted to Liberty will also be covered on this benefit, without a single premium having been paid for the third child. The surviving family need not worry about how they will afford school and university fees for the three children as their father’s Lifestyle Protector policy has them covered. Mr. Zulu can rest assured that he left his children with the gift of Education.

Did you know:

  • Assuming all three children attend an Independent school, from pre-primary to the end of their three-year degree, the claim payout may exceed R12.8 million(2).

  • The Guaranteed Insurability Option on EduCator means that even an unborn child of the Life Assured can be added to a policy within 9 months of the claim event and have their future education paid.

For more details about benefits, definitions, guarantees, fees, tax, limitations, charges, premiums / contributions, or other conditions and associated risks, please speak to a Cornerstone Financial Adviser.

  1. This claim story is based on real events. To protect the identity of the client, the client and his children’s names have been changed. The story is the sentiment of their actual Liberty claim experience as provided by their Financial Adviser.

  2. Assumptions: 2-year pre-primary, 7 year primary, 5 year secondary, 3 year tertiary. Annual maximum benefit limit paid. Independent tuition. No supplementary allowances. 8% education inflation.

Disclaimer: The claim story above has been summarised for information purposes only and while every care has been taken in preparing this information, no member of Liberty Group Limited (“Liberty”) gives any representation, warranty or undertaking and accepts no responsibility or liability as to the accuracy, or completeness, of the information provided. This information does not constitute advice by Liberty. Any recommendations made by an adviser or broker must take into account the client’s specific needs and circumstances. If there are any discrepancies between this information and the contractual terms and conditions, the latter will prevail. Liberty Group Limited is a Licensed Life Insurer of Lifestyle Protector and an Authorised Financial Services Provider (no 2409). Terms, conditions, risk and limitations apply.



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