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Achieving retirement goals, together

Our experience in Financial Services has taught us that each client's needs are unique when it comes to their retirement goals. This is shaped by various factors such as past experiences, present ambitions, and the future they envision for themselves and their family.

However, we also know that retirement means different things to different people, and that it's the role of a Financial Adviser to help clients make their retirement goals a reality regardless of where they find themselves in their life stage.

For many, retirement means continuing to live a purposeful and fulfilling life while pursuing activities they have always wanted to do. However, there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to retirement planning, and each client's needs would depend on where they are in their life journey and should be met accordingly.

A young entrepreneur might see retirement as an opportunity to leave the world of 9 to 5 behind to run an organic farm and start a community upliftment programme, while a seasoned career professional might want to pursue their passion for repairing classic cars or travelling the world. For someone who has worked their whole life preparing for this pivotal moment, retirement means spending time with their children and grandchildren, allowing them to enjoy the full extent of the legacy they have created over decades.

Therein lies a wealth of opportunities for a Financial Adviser to work with a client, taking their current and future goals into consideration, to craft a holistic retirement plan that makes them comfortable knowing that their goals are attainable in the timeframe that suits them, as well as ensuring that their hard-earned retirement income is adequately protected.

What is attainable now financially, and what could be in the future with the right coaching, are just some things that need to be considered when planning for retirement. This also needs to be considered when planning for life's uncertainties such as sudden illness or disability, which could derail the best laid retirement plan, if not managed with the correct guidance and foresight.

At Cornerstone, we're as invested in your retirement goals. This means no matter where you are in your retirement journey, or how far they you are towards your retirement, whether it's in the next 5, 10 or 20 years, our range of pre- and post-retirement solutions, combined with sound advice from our Financial Advisers, we can help you achieve their retirement goals.

We also have a range of investment strategies to suit different goals giving you the option to tailor-make solutions to help you achieve your financial independence in retirement.

Contact your Financial Adviser or contact us on 021 672 1555 and we will connect you.



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